Recommended reading

Here are some suggested reading materials.

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  • TechAscent Blog by the group behind a few of the Clojure high-performance and data-analytics libraries (mostly those at techascent, as well as dtype-next and libpython-clj)

  • Squid’s Blogs by Carin Meier - deep learning, MXNet, Python interop and other technical topics

  • Dragan Djuric - numerical computing, linear algebra, high performance computing and deep learning

  • Atabey Kaygun - math, algorithms, machine learning, and data science topics demonstrated through Clojure and other Lisp dialects

  • Arthur Caillau’s Blog - featuring the “MXNet made simple” series - deep learning from Clojure

  • Christopher Small - discussing the development of Oz, among other things

  • Clojure Goes Fast - overviews tools and practices for profiling and improving performance in Clojure

  • Applied Science blog by Dave Liepmann, Matt Huebert and Jack Rusher - Deep learning, data visualization, data processing

Other collections of notes

  • Mentat Collective - documenting an emerging stack of libraries and tools for math, physics, and data visualization


Tutorials play an important role on our journey to make Clojure an accessible, friendly platform for data science.

Of course, they allow us to share and learn existing methods and practices. No less importantly, working on tutorials helps us see the toolset meet its use cases, and thus realize what is still missing, and what could be improved.

General Nextjournal collections


Probabilistic programming

Data processing


Machine Learning


Python interop

  • See mainly the growing list of tutorials at Squid’s Blogs mentioned above.


R interop

Literate programming

Data Visualization

  • vdquil - Examples from Ben Fry’s “Visualizing Data” in quil - by Dave Liepmann



  • Books by Dragan Djuric about Deep Learning and about Linear Algebra in Clojure - books developed alongside Dragan’s work on libraries in this fields

  • Clojure for Data Science by Henry Garner - a bit dated in terms of the stack it presents, but stll relevant in terms of the principles presented

  • Practical Artificial Intelligence by Mark Watson

Other collections of resources