The goal of the group is to create collaborations around learning and building Clojure tools for data visualization and literate programming.

The authors of several actively developed tools are involved (Chlorine, Clover, Calva, Portal, Viscous, Sidebar, Nette, Fabricate, Omni-trace, Oz, Saite, Notespace, Clay, Goldly, Saturn, clt-tiles, Obsidian Wielder, Cardigan Bay, Platypub, etc.).

Organizers: Lukas Domalga, Kira McLean, Daniel Slutsky (please reach out at the Clojurians Zulip)

Frequency of meetings: All-hands meeting roughly every month + ad-hoc meetings of sub-groups on specific topics

Chat stream: #visual-tools at Clojurians Zulip and at Clojurians Slack

Resources: You are invited to add your experiments and notes.