{on hold} sci-fu: regular discussions of various dev projects

(this group is on hold)

The sci-fu (Scicloj foundations) has been a space for regular discussions of various dev projects.

In a sense, it is a study group where we learn how to contribute to the ecosystem – For a few of us, sci-fu has been a place to discuss our first steps as open-source contributors.

In another sense, it is a dev group where we discuss common priorities, share our progress and challenges, and explore future directions.

Typically, each session has one or two main topics, that we dive into together. Sci-fu has been a place for us to learn some of the fundamental building blocks of the emerging Clojure data stack, such as the dtype-next library for high-performance data.

Organizer: Ethan Miller (please reach out at the Clojurians Zulip)

Typical time of meetings: on hold at the moment

Chat stream: #sci-fu