Getting Involved

Would you like to join our journey in making Clojure a joyful platform for data science?

Below are some suggested ways to get involved. If you are interested in any of these, or maybe have some other idea - then let us talk! We may possibly help in finding a nice way to begin.

Join our dev and study groups

Scicloj is organizing a few dev groups and study groups that meet regularly to learn, to brainstorm, and to create. Your perspective could be helpful there.

Share your experience

Hearing about your personal workflow, data stories, problems and ideas can be valuable to others. Just open a new topic at one of the other relevant chat streams, and share your thoughts.

Write a tutorial

Writing tutorials (either small or big) about working with data is central to our process. The importance is twofold: sharing realistic experiences, and realizing what may be missing or could be improved in our stack. You may just pick an existing tutorial and translate it to Clojure. Or, you can pick some fresh new data and start analysing them from scratch.

Join the organizing team

Are you interested in the human aspects of growing the community? Or, do you want to be involved in the thought process about the goals and priorities of this community? Then the scicloj organizing team would welcome you to join. Even if your time is limited, contributing your thought can be important.

Pair with a library author

Library authors need users. Some of the actively developed libraries would benefit a lot from a user trying to use them and sharing their findings.

Help building the website and knowledge base

The scicloj website would love to have more people involved in it. Contributing to the content organization, writing opinionated blog posts, helping with the aesthetics – all would be welcome.

Create some proof of concept

Do you think that something is missing in our stack? Then let us maybe create it! Beginning with a small proof of concept, you can test the idea with other community members. If you suggest your idea, maybe someone will be happy to join you, and you create it together.

Contribute to a library

Is there any library that you are curious to learn about or just want to help building? Then a good way to learn may be to contribute. This may be some help in adding a feature, adding some tests, or writing documentation. You can offer that to the library author. Some would be happy and might offer a nice way to begin.

Submit an issue

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Probably, the maintainers of actively developed libraries would be happy to know about it. Usually, the project Issues page or the project Zulip stream would be the place to do that. Most projects mention the preferred ways of communication in their README.