About Scicloj


Scicloj is an open, free and dynamic hub for building a Clojure ecosystem for data science, scientific computing and data engineering.

In short, it is for anyone who is interested in using Clojure to work with data.

There are various places where activities move forward (for more info check the Where section), and they are all open to discussion and contribution.


We are Clojurians coming from very different backgrounds and with very different levels of knowledge around Clojure and data science who share a common goal: making Clojure and data science better by combining them.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, to consume and to use Scicloj however they like.


A few people met on the internet one day and they all shared the same thought: Clojure is great, data science is cool, let’s put them together to make a crying rainbow of awesomeness! The first issues encountered led to a couple of revelations: Clojure is indeed cool, but data science relies heavily on FOSS libraries and tools that in Clojureland are all scattered around and usually poorly documented.

Scicloj is an umbrella for libraries, tutorials, ideas and open discussion trying to move further the idea that not only data science is possible with Clojure, but it can be a very nice experience as well (and it just works!).


Scicloj tries to create broad discussions, where community members can reason together about their common goals.

At the same time, it maintains dedicated task groups that can have discussion around certain topics, such as: machine learning, wrapping useful data science libraries for use with Clojure, writing tutorials, organizing the community, editing the Scicloj website, and more.

In addition to textual, everyday discussions, Scicloj encourages meetings in small groups, as well as larger gatherings.


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