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This is part of the Scicloj Clojure Data Scrapbook.

Observable examples - DRAFT

(ns index
  (:require [codegen :refer [obs]]
            [scicloj.kindly.v4.kind :as kind]))

We will use the draft codegen namespace.

A basic example

Note that we read the data from a file, that we can conveniently generate in Clojure.

We follow a basic example from Quarto’s Observable docs.

 '(def athletes
    (. (FileAttachment "notebooks/datasets/athletes.csv")
       (csv {:typed true}))))
 '(Plot.plot {:grid true
              :facet {:data athletes
                      :y "sex"}
              :marks [(Plot.rectY athletes
                                  (Plot.binX {:y "count"}
                                             {:x "weight" :fill "sex"}))
                      (Plot.ruleY [0])]}))

Interactions across components

Here, we reproduce the penguins example from the Quarto docs.

 '(viewof bill_length_min
          (Inputs.range [32 50]
                        {:value 35
                         :step 1
                         :label "Bill length (min):"}))
 '(viewof islands
          (Inputs.checkbox ["Torgersen" "Biscoe" "Dream"]
                           {:value ["Torgensen" "Biscoe"]
                            :lable "Islands:"}))
 '(. (Plot.rectY filtered
                 (Plot.binX {:y "count"}
                            {:x "body_mass_g"
                             :fill "species"
                             :thresholds 20}))
     (plot {:facet {:data filtered
                    :x "sex"
                    :y "species"
                    :marginRight 80}
            :marks [(Plot.frame)]}))
 '(Inputs.table filtered)
 '(def penguins (. (FileAttachment "notebooks/datasets/palmer-penguins.csv")
                   (csv {:typed true})))
 '(def filtered (. penguins
                   (filter [:js "function(penguin) {
                                           return bill_length_min < penguin.bill_length_mm &&
source: projects/datavis/observable/notebooks/index.clj