Jointprob in 2023, Bayesian Modeling and Computation, meeting Ravin Kumar

Posted December 31, 2022 by daslu ‐ 3 min read

The Jointprob community was created by Scicloj during the summer of 2022, aspiring to be a space where friends of diverse backgrounds can learn & explore Bayesian statistics and probabilistic modeling. In this post, we reflect upon our joint path and announce:

a new reading journey, and

a special event with Ravin Kumar, one of the book authors.

If you are curious about any of that, you are encouraged to Join Jointprob.

Our experience so far, Statistical Rethinking and other explorations

As expressed by Jointprob’s principles, our intent has been to create an inclusive and diverse space for Bayesian enthusiasts that would fit the needs and hopes of participants and allow them to actively explore together in mutual curiosity, inspiring each other with multiple approaches and methods.

A few dozen people have joined the community, indeed of very diverse backgrounds of research and industry, as well as diverse approaches to science and preferences of technical stack.

Python R Julia Clojure Stan PyMC

Some of us attend the biweekly sessions, sometimes sharing our reviews of the joint learning journey. Some are active in the chat, and a few of us have been collaborating in small groups on specific explorations.

Our first learning path has been mostly around the first half of Statistical Rethinking by Richard McElreath.

statistical rethinking

Statistical Rethinking has served an important role for the Jointprob community, providing a friendly and inviting path for participants of diverse backgrounds. We have learned a lot from it, and it has encouraged us to dig further in various directions. A few of us will surely continue reading.

While observing our current hopes and interests, as well as our hopes to diversify our choice of technologies, approaches, and methods, we realized that it would make sense to begin a new reading journey.

The past few months happened to be a challenging period for a few of us, for individual as well as global reasons. Through the challenges, we adapted our plans and tried to support each other. Still, some friends had to be absent for a bit and missed the joint route.

A new reading path will allow old friends to reconnect and new friends to join. It will also allow us to diversify our tools and methods as intended.

A new start – Bayesian Modeling and Computation

In early 2023, we will begin studying Bayesian Modeling and Computation in Python by Osvaldo A. Martin, Ravin Kumar, and Junpeng Lao.

Bayesian modeling and computation

As we always do, we will practice the book materials using diverse technologies and through personal and small group projects.

Before actually starting the regular reading path, we will probably have a couple of preparation sessions. We may assume some background knowledge. All of that will be made more precise in the coming few weeks after we get to know some of the new friends who are interested.

Upcoming event: meeting Ravin Kumar, brainstorming our hopes

On January 7th, 5PM UTC we will have a special event to start this new adventure.

In the meeting, we will meet Ravin Kumar, one of the book authors, who kindly agreed to join. We will brainstorm our joint hopes with old and new friends.

If you wish to be added to our calendar events, please refer to the Joining Jointprob form.